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Kayak Fishing at Flagler Beach

Fishing Report 6-6-14, Snook & Trout

Friday June 6, 2014 Launched 7:00PM
Weather: Hot 87 deg.
Clear with scattered storms in the distance
wind: SSE winds, 10-12mph +/-
Humidity: 63%
Pressure: 29.9 (steady) 
Major feed time: 5:10 PM
Tide: incoming High at 8:30PM
Target Fish: Redfish, Trout Fish
caught: (1) Trout- short, (2) Snook

I have been getting some good reports over at Flagler Beach, Big trout and lots of Redfish. I finally got work squared away enough that I could squeeze an afternoon trip in Friday. The plan was to fish the last hour before dark with some topwater plugs which is my favorite way to fish.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and coming right down the river from the South. We had to fish the tail end of the incoming which is not my preferred tide but we found a little action despite the conditions. There was plenty of finger mullet around also. Bait shrimp are being caught in the area aw well.

We fished a natural creek drain that had a bunch of small drains and forks, etc. tying into it. We picked up one trout, 2 Snook and had one other fish on, that tore off. Had one other fish knock the plug completely out of the water but he somehow managed to elude all three treble hooks.

We were using a 5m18 Mirrolure. Had the tide been right I feel like we would have had some real action. We were at least able to get out of some of the wind and work some of the bugs out of the equipment in preparation for some serious fishing.

Here’s a little video from the trip…….

Larry S.

Mini fishing Report 5-8-14 – Freshwater

Weather: clear, mid 80’s, windy

Fished 5:00-7.00 PM

Location: Area Canal, Palm Coast, Florida

Catch: (9) Specks, (1) Bluegill Bream, (2) Warmouth

One of my fishing partners Rick Edwards and I put the kayaks in the water for a quick afternoon jig fishing trip in an area canal here in Palm Coast. We were fishing with a lead head jig with a tube body with skirt. The wind was a real challenge. Every time you got you kayak in position to drop a jig into a little hole in a floating dollar weed mat, the wind would push you off and you’d  have to drop your rod and grab your paddle. Man it was a pain in the neck.

bass 5-8-14

Anyway, we did catch some fish but we didn’t really set the world on fire. We caught a mixed bag of about everything, mudfish, bass, bream, warmouth and specks, just not that many of any one species. I lost one really nice speck right at the boat that would have probably went 1 1/4 lb.

We caught a number of bass but the jigs we were using were small and the bass were sized accordingly.

mud fish on

We caught a number of bream but the jigs were a little large for them and most of the bream bites just couldn’t get the bait in their mouth enough to get hooked. Had we been fishing with some crickets I believe we would have worked on them.

mudfish on fly rod

All of the fish were in cover and we did not pick up any fish in open water trolling.

The jigs were fished tight line style in and around the cover and weed mats along the bank. The bit was just a little weak.

I did discover a number of items on my yak that I need to repair before the next trip. Plus the yak is getting a new fish finder . More on that to follow.

Larry S.


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